Skin Icing & Skin Screen – Part 2

Part 2

Skin Screen: Innovative Products that Protect Your Skin

from Blue Light Damage

Products Launch Pack:

Physavie®: supercritical plant-based extract with both soothing and thermal anti-aging properties.

The First: fermented ingredient with strong anti-age effect and with various bio-activities that protect against the blue light damage.

Et-Vc™: innovative stabilized vitamin C derivative with an excellent anti-photoaging activity.

Oriental Winter Flower: natural extract of Camellia Japonica with strong anti-blue light activity.

C-Pep Defensyl: skin strengthening peptide with anti-inflammation and anti-blue light activity.

AdipoSOL : new peptide for anti-photoaging, it protects skin from environmental stress through autophagy activation and adiponectin induction in skin cells.

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