A new solution to meet consumers´ needs

Activebox is pleased to announce the new products launched by Chemyunion during the In Cosmetics 2018:


4MAN is a multifunctional active ingredient that offers 4 benefits in a single ingredient for the care of the man: reduction and control of skin oiliness, anti-aging effect, hydration and with soothing properties.


Hebeatol CG is a new member of the Hebeatol Range family indicated for skin care products such as micellar waters, wet wipes and mascara.


Powderfeel WR is an O / W emulsifier that makes it possible to formulate emulsions from fluids to butter (up to 40% of oil phase), also providing hydration and repair of the skin barrier.


Seriliss RA smoothes and protects hair at the same time with superior and proven performance. This effect is possible thanks to a technology that promotes the preservation of cysteine and the permeation of sericin, a double action mechanism responsible for the increase in hair strength.