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Keep fresh your skin cell water

Acquatide is an innovative biomimetic peptide which is developed from the idea of 3 specific natural sources: Lysine from Silk, Resveratrol from Fruit and PCA from skin.

Acquatide shows the following benefits:

・Improve skin moisturizing & barrier recovery
・Induce autophagy flux activity
・Increase anti-stress related genes expression
・Regenerate DEJ, and NMF, Ceramides
・Moderate irritation induced by PM2.5 & Pollen
・Reduce Acetic symptom with lower salicylic acid
・Protect dermal density and improve skin firmness


Wasabia Japonica for the beauty of the skin and scalp

Wasabi Flavone ™ is an extract from wasabi leaves that contains the flavonoid Isosaponarina as an active ingredient. Equipped with multiple activities, it is used in both skin care and hair growth.

  • Antibacterial activity
  • Inhibits the activity of lipases, elastases and hyaluronidases
  • Anti-age activity
  •  Stimulates collagen production



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