Amazing Skin Vitamins to get you that Year-Round Glow

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Innovative ingredients designed to unlock the skin’s hydrating, brightening and smoothing properties

  • Are you worried about using Retinoids? REVINAGE® can be the solution! The new natural agonist of Retinol receptor without retinoids-related side-effects and with excellent anti-aging profile


  • Folic acid Vitamin B9 without issue stability in a formulation friendly version, thanks to the fermentation technology: B9 VITAPOL and VB9 PLUS


  • VITAMIN C, a key nutrient in the production of collagen! Discover our super stable hydro-soluble Vitamin C, the Et-VC and our lipo-soluble version Vitamin C Tetra E for an overall skin care balance


  • Vitamin D3 as a drug? Don’t worry, we have the solution! Vitamin D3 like from French grape, the last innovation in the Vitamins field


Discover the Vitamins portfolio with our experts!

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