BOTANIPLEX – new phytoactives against Cold Sore, Acne and microbioma balance

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Green Mountain Biotech is an innovative company that carries out cutting-edge research on plants used by Traditional Chinese Medicine for the development of active ingredients concentrated in powerful blends of high quality phytoactives for cosmetics.

BOTANIPLEX ™ CLEAR a synergistic combination of powerful strategic phytoactives to rebalance the microbiome and inhibit the growth of the main pathogen responsible for acne.

BOTANIPLEX ™ GUARD exploits the activity of synergistic phytoactives to create a blend that not only helps in the treatment of herpes virus, but also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial activity.

BOTANIPLEX ™ BALANCE contains botanical extracts that help restore skin balance, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi and encouraging the growth of beneficial ones. The extracts from which it is composed also help to stimulate the natural defense and repair mechanisms of the skin.

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