AMPed™ technology (Autophagy Modulating Peptide derivatives)

What is Autophagy?

Autophagy originates from the Greek words, “auto” (self) and “phagy” (to eat). As in the etymology of the word, autophagy is known as a highly conserved mechanism to maintain cellular homeostasis by removing dysfunctional organelles and damaged proteins and converting them into energy sources for cells, thereby regulating cellular aging.
Through the research over the years, it is proved that cellular aging can be prevented and cured by stimulating cellular autophagy activity.

About AMPed™ Technology

AMPed™ (Autophagy Modulating Peptide derivatives) technology is a core platform and proprietary technology of Incospharm for designing, screening, and developing new peptide-based small molecules with autophagy activity modulating effects.

Products Launch Pack:

  • AdipoSOL™ : contrasta l’invecchiamento cutaneo causato dalla luce del sole

  • Aquatide : stimola l’autofagia attivando le sirtuine

  • MelaTrepein™: riduce efficacemente le macchie cutanee e ne previene la ricomparsa

  • Sebodulin: azione sebo-regolatrice

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