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Ginseng Biofermented

Rare type of gold colored Korean ginseng was used for the studies.
Isolated Lactobacillus was used in order to convert major ginsenosides to minor ginsenosides resulting in better functionalities.
Converted minor ginsenosides were confirmed to have great Anti-Aging and Brightening effects.



Peptide botox-like

This peptide is composed of Acetyl-Glu-Glu-Met-Gln-Arg-Arg-NH2 and has a similar function as Botox.
Botox (botulinum neurotoxin A) is a type of toxicity released from Clostridium botulinum. Botox inhibits production of acetylcholine and has a paralyzed effect on muscles. Botox as a protease decomposes SNAP-25 and disrupts the nerve transmission and this results in muscle paralyzation. Use of Botox is considered as a common practice for wrinkle improvement.
On the other hand, PepG Aceth 5’s amino acid sequence is based on VAMP, Snap-25, syntaxin and imitates the protein SNAP-25. PepG Aceth 5 competes and deters the formation of SNARE complex. This kind of process inhibits release of neurotransmitter. From this sort of replacement approach rather than elimination we can know that PepG Aceth 5 is not toxic and it is applicable for various kinds of skin products.

bioferments wi_biotechnology-active-ingredients

Microbiotic control of skin flora

Repairs UV-induced DNA damage
About 50% DNA of fibroblasts are repaired, compared to the control group
Provides a high elastase inhibitory activity at low concentration
Improves skin elasticity by 30% (after 4 weeks of use, in-vivo testing)
Improves dermal density by 34.7% (after 4 weeks of use, in-vivo testing)
Induces the change in skin flora using D-code DGGE systems within 1 month


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