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bioferments wi_natural-actives

Fulfill your dream skin with bright energy from Antarctica

Exclusive active ingredient derived from ‘Pseudoalteromonas sp. & Pseudozyma Antarctica‘ which survive from Antarctic glacier. Fermentation technology allows to obtain a high productivity of glyceryl glucoside and Exopolysaccharides (EPS), normally produced by these microorganisms to survive in glacial conditions.


Astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity

A nature-friendly product with a recycling concept that adds new value by utilizing apple juice gourd, chestnut peel, and persimmon leaves.

APPORE is a raw material that contains active tannic acid, which fills the skin’s moisture and elasticity and suppresses inflammation, making it smooth and soft. Skin texture improvement and pore shrinkage management products.


All the benefits of folic acid in a stable and soluble version

Reformulated form of folic acid trough the struvtural changes by microbial fermentation system.

Multifunctional product with the following activities:

  • anti wrinkle
  • anti inflammatory
  • moisturizing (thanks to Hyaluronic acid)
  • DNA protection from UV rays



Effective postbiotic with anti-aging effect

Following the recognition and differentiation of three bacterial species present both in the skin of the child and the adult, BeBebiome was born.

Postbiotics obtained from Lactobacillus Ferment and Bacillus Ferment, with anti-aging activity and firming effect.


The new anti-aging ingredient with extraordinary regenerating power

Bio-Placenta is an active ingredient containing a combination of five growth factors (EGF, IGF-1, FGF acid, FGF alkaline and VEGF), amino acids and vitamins with synergistic action on the skin.

The effective combination of the components gives anti-aging, moisturizing, elasticizing and revitalizing properties of the epidermal cells.


Mix of GF, Vitamins and Amino Acids against hair loss

5 safely synthesized growth factors stimulate mRNA expression, essential factors such as beneficial Vitamin improves hair quality, Amino acids provides moisturizing effect and Natural extract for cooling effect are working synergistically to regulate hair scalp condition.

bioferments wi_natural-actives

Skin Icing: Natural modulation of skin temperature

Innovative fermented natural extract from a mushroom, originated in Finland. In addition to the multifunctional effects produced by fermentation, it modulates temperature, and give the shooting and cooling effect on the skin.


Infinite vitality from Desert

  • Desertica, derived from a green micro algae found in the desert
  • Capable of survival in harsh conditions with extreme heat, UV exposure and extremely limited access to water
  • With proprietaryextraction from this source. Desertica supports DNA repair processesfor anti-UV, anti-Heat, and anti-dryness functions

Biofermented Angelica Oil

Our fermentation technology revolutionizes natural cosmetics and transforms natural oils into powerful nourishing concentrates capable of recharging the skin with extraordinary energy.

Bio-fermented Angelica oil with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.


Argan Oil Bio-Fermented

Our fermentation technology revolutionises natural cosmetics and transforms natural oils into powerful nourishment concentrates that can recharge the skin with extraordinary energy.

Bio-fermented Argan oil with elasticising and nourishing activity.


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